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Twenty bush varieties and sixteen climbing varieties have been evaluated for their nodulation potential. Tostado and PVA 1438 have the best nodulation potential among bush varieties, G 2333 and 9042-61(B)6 among climbers. Two concurrent trials to verify if varietal differences change depending on the strain of Rhizobium or the fertilization applied have been conducted with the varieties Rubona ...

SUBJECT: formation de nodosites; varieties; variedades; nodulacion; fijacion del nitrogeno

POSTED TO: CIAT African Workshop Series (CIAT). no. 16.

Two experiments with the variety Diacol Calima in pots with a acid ferralite soil (pH water 4.46) show that liming diminishes nitrogen deficiency to a level where yields are the same with or without adding nitrogen to the nutrient solution (if all other elements are present). This nitrogen self-sufficiency of the plant is linked with an increase of rhizobial nodules, particularly abundant in t ...

SUBJECT: formation de nodosites; crecimiento; croissance; chaulage; liming

POSTED TO: CIAT African Workshop Series (CIAT). no. 16.

The results of two trials in pots under greenhouse conditions, screening bean varieties for their tolerance to aluminium toxicity are reported. Eleven varieties (7 bush and 4 climbers) from comparative on-farm trials and 16 varieties of the PRELAAC have been screened. The soil used for this study had a pH (water) of 4.3 and 3.44 meq/100 g exchangeable aluminium, saturating 78 percent of the ex ...

SUBJECT: africa; aluminio; afrique; adaptation; soil toxicity

POSTED TO: CIAT African Workshop Series (CIAT). no. 16.

SUBJECT: manihot esculenta; sloping land; colombie; control de la erosion; lutte antierosion

POSTED TO: CIAT Internacional [0120-4092]

SUBJECT: analisis; suelo acido; plante fourragere; acid soils; analyse

SUBJECT: tropical america; amerique tropicale; legumineuse fourragere; seed; suelo acido

SUBJECT: chaux agricole; calcio; kidney beans; calcium; frijol phaseolus

SUBJECT: environments; sistemas de cultivo; plante fourragere; cropping systems; adaptation

SUBJECT: fertilite du sol; caribe; amerique latine; food production; america latina

POSTED TO: Publicacion CIAT (Colombia). no. 150.

SUBJECT: caracteristicas agronomicas; colombie; sogatodes orizicola; oryza sativa; pest resistance

POSTED TO: Informe INGER America Latina (CIAT). Resultados de Viveros.