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A recently developed crop growth model (ACROM) was used to test some hypotheses for the identification of wheat ideotypes in semi-arid lands. The model functioning and then the test of some ideotypes in wheat plan are summarized. These are early vegetative growth, low LAI; root depth; root/shoot ratio; stomatal sensitivity; and hydraulic root resistance. For each of these studies, the results ...

SUBJECT: resistencia a la sequia; resistance a la secheresse; semiarid zones; agroclimatic zones; variete

Of a total of 2.09 million tons of faba bean produced annually in China, only a small part is exported and the rest is processed as local products. Faba bean is processed in several ways in China. These include production of: (1) fried foods and condiments with yearly sales of 70-90 thousand tonnes in Sichuan province alone; (2) canned products mainly for exports; (3) traditional foods such as ...

SUBJECT: traitement; feve; exportation; aliment sante pour homme; procesamiento

SUBJECT: investigacion; triticum aestivum; pastizales; enfermedades de las plantas; analyse de sol

SUBJECT: investigacion; lathyrus sativus; triticum aestivum; plant production; research