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Screening for seedling and whorl-stage resistance is accomplished by applying neonate fall armyworm mixed in corncob grits with a mechanical infestation device at the rate of four larvae per 2-day old seedling. For seedlings, visual ratings of leaf-feeding damage are made on a scale of 0-9 when the susceptible control seedling approaches a rating of 9; for whorl-stage plants, visual ratings ar ...

SUBJECT: sorghum; metodos; pest resistance; methods; evaluacion

SUBJECT: nematodos de las plantas; resistance aux maladies; plant breeding; resistencia a la enfermedad; nematodose

Slow release formulations of phorate, carbofuran and chlorpyrifos (all at 2 kg/ha), isofenphos granules (2.5 kg/ha) and a drench of carbaryl (8 kg/ha in 1500 1 water/ha) were applied to and mixed into the soil of a field into which groundnut seed (cv. Mani Pintar) was subsequently sown. These treatments had no strong influence on crop yield. Aphid density and the incidence of groundnut rosette ...

SUBJECT: aphis; insecticide; termite; virus de las plantas; comejen

SUBJECT: nematodos de las plantas; nematode des plantes; inde; cicer arietinum; rotylenchulus