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This manual presents a set of procedures for doing an economic analysis of on-farm agronomic experiments which will help in selecting treatments for further experimentation and for developing farmer recommendations. The following points are discussed: the importance of reviewing the objectives of the experiment; the experimental design and management; how to calculate total costs that vary, av ...

SUBJECT: experimentos; prix; experiments; analyse cout avantage; rendement des cultures

This publication is a workbook designed to be used with the manual, From Agronomic Data to Farmer Recommendations, Completely revised edition. It can be used in the classroom or for individual study. The exercises are presented in the same order as the themes of the manual. A separate answer booklet is available.

SUBJECT: experimentos; prix; experiments; analyse cout avantage; rendement des cultures

The first steps to combine the tolerance of Brazilian wheats to aluminum toxicity with the semidwarf stature, high yield potential, and wide adaptation of the Mexican wheats were taken in the mid-1970s. Under this shuttle breeding operation, crosses between the two germplasm pools are made in both countries and subsequent generations are alternated and selected under local soil and disease pre ...

SUBJECT: brazil; germplasm; aluminio; ecosistema; suelo acido

SUBJECT: sonora; legislacion; integrated control; weed control; lucha integrada

POSTED TO: INIFAP Publicacion Especial (Mexico). no. 5.

This study presents a methodology (in five steps) for assessing the impact of information and technologies generated by a crop management research (CMR) program. The methodology is demonstrated by estimating the return to CMR conducted in the Yaqui Valley of Mexico between 1977 and 1987. The overall rate of return to the investment in CMR was estimated to be 16 per cent in real terms. This is ...

SUBJECT: crop management; sonora; extension; productividad; technology transfer

POSTED TO: CIMMYT Economics Paper (CIMMYT). no. 5. [0188-2414]

SUBJECT: politica de produccion; plant production; projet de developpement; peru; production factors

El maiz en las tierras altas andinas.

Pandey S.P. et al. [1990]

SUBJECT: production vegetale; colombie; highlands; plant production; peru

Durum wheat in South America.

Kohli M.M. et al. [1992]

This paper deals with the durum wheat needs and potential of five South American countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, and Brazil. The first four countries produce sufficient quantities of durum wheat to satisfy their domestic needs. Brazil, which consumes many pasta products, either imports them directly or makes them from bread wheat like many other countries. There is room for market ...

SUBJECT: amerique du sud; caracteristicas agronomicas; chili; brazil; plant production

POSTED TO: CIMMYT Wheat Special Report (CIMMYT). no. 9.

SUBJECT: highlands; production factors; andean region; factores de produccion; seed production

A crop rotation experiment was conducted from 1984-89 at two research sites representative of wheat production zones on Andosols and Vertisols in southeastern Ethiopia. At each site, seven different 6-year rotations were used, comparing bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L. em Thell.) in monoculture with three rotations consisting of wheat grown 1 year out of 2 and with wheat grown 2 years out of ...

SUBJECT: triticum aestivum; rotational cropping; vertisols; vertisol; guizotia abyssinica