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SUBJECT: region himalayenne; participation; obreros; rolr of women; femme

SUBJECT: ressource genetique; yak; biodiversity; biodiversidad; vida silvestre

SUBJECT: region himalayenne; grassland management; manejo de praderas; paturages; rangelands

SUBJECT: protection des plantes; recursos vegetales; proteccion de las plantas; ressource vegetale; plant resources

SUBJECT: tecnologia tradicional; biodiversity; biodiversidad; ethnobotanique; etnobotanica

SUBJECT: region himalayenne; energy policies; politique de l' environnement; consommation d' energie; environmental policies

SUBJECT: rivers; meteorologie; ecologie; weather hazards; hydrology

SUBJECT: energia renovable; renewable energy; energy policies; energy resources; ressource energetique

SUBJECT: highlands; natural resources; recursos naturales; vida silvestre; conservation de la nature