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Contribution is concentrated to new methodology of landscapes axiologic attributes identification. Subject of research are historical landscape structures and their visual context to characteristic landscape appearance (CHLA) in case area of Pieniny. Theoretical ground rises from scholarly of visual semiotic, theory of information and communication and consequently their implementation to key ...

SUBJECT: historia; histoire; slovak republic; republica eslovaca; landscape conservation

Agricultural Information System VPP Kolíňany in their databases contains data on the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of land cover and soil. Its aim is to ensure the effectiveness of management process of agriculture enterprise at all levels of management, to the nines streamline, make more well-arranged and rational to use information on land cover and land resources, consequentl ...

SUBJECT: databases; geographical information systems; type de sol genetique; systeme d'information geographique; environmental factors

In the work we present the results of an investigation which carried out in beech stands in the Kremnické vrchy and Štiavnické vrchy Mts in the year 2007. Five experimental plots were established in stands of the forest type group Fagetum pauper superiora, in different phases of their development. We observed energy and ash content in aboveground phytomass of Rubus hirtus species. We have reco ...

SUBJECT: rubus; luz; fagus; light; valeur energetique

Application of bioindicatiors at Štěpánovice landfill

Vaverková, M., Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry et al. [2009]

The study is focused on examination and determination of bioindicatiors, mainly phytoindicators. From their existence, condition or behavior judgements might be carried out on existence of specific environmental indicators and on environmental condition and changes. The goal of this study is to examine the conditions of ecological load (forest and meadow ecosystem)of Štěpánovice landfill.

SUBJECT: controle du milieu; control ambiental; republica checa; czech republic; plantas indicadoras

Measuring and evaluating of fugitive emissions of solid pollutants is a subject of research in many departments of industry. Wood processing industry participates on air pollustion as well as other departments of industry. It is not only by wood process using chemical matters, but also by storing on wood materials dump. The article suggests the best methods, which can be used to calculation of ...

SUBJECT: calculation; industria maderera; metodos; tecnologia de la madera; wood technology

The paper is focused on monitoring the soil properties in agriculture and forestry. Specific conditions for work of mobile equipment and specific requirements of the environment require different types of test equipment for measuring. To detect the status of soil are currently used penetration, shear and simulation testers, which are based on a principle of different soil measurements. Using o ...

SUBJECT: simulacion; penetrometre; penetrometers; simulation; testing

The productivity of the harvester UTC F1067 in spruce stands

Dvořák, J., Czech Agricultural University [2009]

The aid of this study is the monitoring of the operation time and shift time of the wheel harvester UTC F1067. The chronometry was analyzed during the felling works in premature forest stands. This paper is worked up for tree-volume of coniferous species from 0.13 to 0.52 m3/tree. Total standards lies for premature fellings within the interval 0.09 - 0.18 working hours/m3 and the productivity ...

SUBJECT: technologie; wheels; materiel de recolte; productividad; cosechadoras

This article deals with the issue of influence of distance of spindle bearings on accuracy of its operation. In the first part of article is presented theoretical analysis of given theme. The second part of article deals with structure of the headstock used in experimental device for research of wood cutting separation.

SUBJECT: madera; testing; optimization methods; testicule; metodos de optimizacion

Influence of fatigue limit stages onto life of constructions is relevant, that is why in design process alone has to be put stress onto decrease of potential node number which could cause damage of machine under service load. The contribution deals with limit fatigue stage of working equipments of mobile working machines - loaders. Contribution presents methodology of use of limit fatigue stag ...

SUBJECT: materiel; construccion; fatique limit stages, superimposed load; unidades moviles; design

In this paper is evaluated an optimal constructional and operating performance of the mobile terrain system, that works in forest ecosystems from point of view of volume of processed biomass and total amount of logging transport erosion. A monitored terrain system, working in forestry, is considered as a production system, with its material and energy flow. The determination value, that optimi ...

SUBJECT: simulacion; mathematics; simulation; equipment; foret