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The paper summarizes the result of research focused on integrated forest protection models. The aim of research was to determine and specify the basic models of integrated protection of forest ecosystems against the synergistic effect of the complex of injurious factors with regard to the reinforcing the stability and maintaining the biodiversity of main forest ecosystems in the Slovak Republic.

SUBJECT: lutte integree; proteccion forestal; protection de la foret; integrated control; slovak republic

POSTED TO: Lesnicky casopis - Forestry Journal (Slovak Republic) [0323-1046]

Intact bark of European beech is not an infectious court for Neonectria coccinea (Pers.:Fr.) Rossman and Samuels. The fungus is not able to overcome mechanic barrier of bark. Wounds are infectious courts for the fungus and the result of the infection is the beech bark disease. Deeper wounds are more susceptible to infection than shallow wounds. Infection periods of wounds last approximately 0 ...

SUBJECT: ecorce; hongos; organismos patogenos; cankers; agent pathogene

POSTED TO: Lesnicky casopis - Forestry Journal (Slovak Republic) [0323-1046]

The aim of the paper is to analyze development of salvage cuttings caused by wind, snow and rime in the years 1996--2003. Annual salvage cuttings caused by the mechanically affecting abiotic agents exceeded 1.5 million cubic m of wood. This volume represented approximately 1/4 of the planned cut. The salvage cuttings were examined by the main tree species. While wind and snow destroyed prevail ...

SUBJECT: degat du au vent; wind damage; slovak republic; nieve; republica eslovaca

POSTED TO: Lesnicky casopis - Forestry Journal (Slovak Republic) [0323-1046]

This paper presents the results of fir-beech forest phytocoenological research in the Krahule formation, the Kremnicke vrchy Mts. The investigation is carried out in an ecosystem relatively unaffected by anthropic activity. The obtained data give a comparative basis for the results from anthropically-influenced ecosystems. The presented results were obtained from 25 parallel research plots fro ...

SUBJECT: investigacion; fagus; comunidades vegetales; abies; plant communities

POSTED TO: Lesnicky casopis - Forestry Journal (Slovak Republic) [0323-1046]

An increased occurrence of beech bark necrotic disease with simultaneous typical tracheomycotic symptoms has been found at the end of 1980s. In the countries situated along the Carpathians Mts. Occurrence of beech bark necrotic disease in Slovakia is not the problem of the country itself. This problem is studied, also in other European countries. The disease is present also in Hungary with 19% ...

SUBJECT: fagus sylvatica; corteza; ecorce; necrose; necrosis

POSTED TO: Lesnicky casopis - Forestry Journal (Slovak Republic) [0323-1046]

Paper deals with proposal of thinning model for growth simulator SIBYLA. The model is based on analytical-causal modelling approach. Some partial theorems are tested on experimental data from thinning sample plots. The model is composed of following components: the model of bio-sociological tree status, the model of existence score, the model of selection type, the model of thinning volume, an ...

SUBJECT: forest trees; models; thinning; crecimiento; eclaircissage

POSTED TO: Lesnicky casopis - Forestry Journal (Slovak Republic) [0323-1046]

The research of growth characteristics of poplar I--214, Pannonia, Gigant and Palarikovo was conducted in 5-year old series of research plots Mogyoroszog, cadastral area Leles, on non-flooded alluvia of Latorica river in Eastern Slovakian lowland. The poplars were cultivated intensively on respective partial research plots in square spacing 4 . 4. It follows from the results that poplar Pannon ...

SUBJECT: populus; clones; crecimiento; intensive silviculture; slovak republic

POSTED TO: Lesnicky casopis - Forestry Journal (Slovak Republic) [0323-1046]

During the 6 year period (1993--1998) the characteristics of precipitatipon chemistry have been monitored in the mixed (spruce-fir-beech) mature forest stand. The low acidity has occurred in the fog precipitation (pH values lower than 3.5), the lowest values have been in the lysimetric waters (mainly in the range of pH = 5--6). The acidity in the throughfall water under the spruce canopy has b ...

SUBJECT: damage; precipitacion atmosferica; ph del suelo; sulfate; sulfatos

POSTED TO: Lesnicky casopis - Forestry Journal (Slovak Republic) [0323-1046]

We evaluated the growth of Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii [Mirb.] Franco on peat and bark substrates, on their mixtures as well as their mixtures with agroperlite. We examined the basic quantitative characteristics (seedling diameters and heights), the number of produced seedlings per unit area, main root lengths, number of axial shoots and dry weight of shoots and roots. Besides the study ...

SUBJECT: crecimiento; soil types; tipos de suelos; perlite; croissance

POSTED TO: Lesnicky casopis - Forestry Journal (Slovak Republic) [0323-1046]

The paper presents the outline of specific features of constructing statistical information systems in the period of forest sector transformation in Slovakia. It points out approved conclusions and measures of FAO/ECE international working group for forestry economics and statistics in Geneva and Eurostat Working Party on Forestry Statistics with the aim of harmonization of national statistica ...

SUBJECT: donnee statistique; datos estadisticos; ciencias forestales; statistical data; management

POSTED TO: Lesnicky casopis - Forestry Journal (Slovak Republic) [0323-1046]