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The paper by two leading fisheries specialists deals with policy issues relating to the developmnent of fisheries and other marine resources in Sierra Leone. The nature of the living and non-living marine resources are identified and past and current national and international efforts to regulate the sub-sector discussed. The major policy goals and objectives are stated and the legal framework ...

SUBJECT: reglementation; desarrollo pesquero; ressource marine; reglamentaciones; politique des peches

The report presents the results of statistical data of small-scale fisheries in tombo in 1984 and six fleet surveys undertaken between 1984 amd 1989. The data covers the characteristics of the boats, engines, gears and fishermen.

SUBJECT: sierra leone; pesca artesanal; donnees sur les peches; barcos pequenos; embarcation legere

The baseline study has some general usefulness in understanding the structure of the Sierra Leonean agricultural system. It can provide a basis for further analysis and follow-up on activities associated with ACRE project.

SUBJECT: estructura agricola; sierra leone; food crops; sierra leona; agricultural structure

SUBJECT: educational policies; extension; politique de l' education; sierra leone; sierra leona

This paper indentifies the various areas and their functions in land use planning in Sierra Leone. Although the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources (MANR) is charged with the responsibility for agricultural development, it lacked until 1973 adequate data on soils and land capability/suitability and socio-economic data to provide the basic frame-work for the improvement of land use pa ...

SUBJECT: developpement foncier; aptitud de tierras; desarrollo de tierras; developpement agricole; ressource fonciere

SUBJECT: desarrollo agricola; sierra leone; developpement agricole; agricultural development; sierra leona

SUBJECT: sierra leone; postharvest control; food crops; sierra leona; lutte apres recolte

The areas analysed are identified by the term "land form". This report gives the research results of seven land forms comparing the chemicophysical properties under the same fallow years period. Further analysis are carried out on different land forms with different fallow years.

SUBJECT: soil chemicophysical properties; sistemas con barbecho; analyse de sol; propiedades fisico quimicas suelo; duration