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Soil erosion is a major problem in Swaziland. It is difficult to establish appropriate control measures because of government financial constraints. There is also a lack of government policy and legislation on land use planning on which credible and successful rehabilitation programmes can be established. Research conducted so far is inadeqate. More detailed efforts should probe soil and slope ...

SUBJECT: control de la erosion; soil conservation; swaziland; lutte antierosion; conservacion de suelos

POSTED TO: Swaziland Journal of Science and Technology

Daily rainfall records from the agricultural research station for the period 1958 to 1989 are interpreted and are used to verify the growing season.

SUBJECT: rain gauges; precipitation; precipitacion atmosferica; cultivo de temporal; swaziland

POSTED TO: UNISWA Journal of Agriculture

SUBJECT: milk production; conception de projet; industria lechera; project design; politica de desarrollo

SUBJECT: conception de projet; water management; project design; perimetre irrigue; ordenacion de aguas

SUBJECT: agricultores; presupuesto agricola; cameroon; agriculteur; farmers

POSTED TO: UNISWA Journal of Agriculture [1021-0873]

SUBJECT: plante legumiere; cultivo; vegetable crops; swaziland; hortalizas plantas

SUBJECT: factores climaticos; lactoglobuline; chymosine; lactoglobulinas; swaziland

POSTED TO: UNISWA Journal of Agriculture

Eighteen goats weighing 23 kg were randomly allotted two treatments of dried broiler litter. One was fed a soyabean ration (control). Goats on treatment two were fed the same ration except that dried broiler litter was used to replace 50 per cent of the soyabean meal. Faecal and urine samples were analysed and no significant difference was found (P< 0.05) between the two treatments. N balance ...

SUBJECT: produit proteique; valeur nutritive; feeding level; caprinos; swazilandia

POSTED TO: Swaziland Journal of Science and Technology

SUBJECT: vacuna; vaccin; maladie transmissible par tiques; betail; vaccines

Some twenty lactating Friesian cattle were divided into two groups. One group was treated with oxibendazole twice, at calving and again at 60 days. The other groups were untreated. Both grazed together during the trial. No significant change in milk production was noted. In another trial, twelve heifers were used, half being dosed with albendazole. No significant difference was noted in weight ...

SUBJECT: ganado de leche; helmintiasis; helminthoses; anthelmintics; rendimiento lechero

POSTED TO: Swaziland Journal of Science and Technology