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SUBJECT: investigacion; extension; research policies; medios de comunicacion de masas; politique de la recherche

SUBJECT: traitement; caracteristicas agronomicas; procesamiento; essential oil crops; prix

Over the last four years a collection of banana cultivars has been accumulated at the horticulture unit of Sokoine University of Agriculture. The distribution of these cultivars in Morogoro was also studied. In 1989 about 25 cultivars (including the most popular ones) were identified and their distribution on an attitudinal transect along the slopes of the Uluguru mountains was described

SUBJECT: diversificacion; tanzania; specialisation; musa (bananos); especializacion de la produccion

POSTED TO: Research and Training Newsletter (Tanzania) [0856-3128]

Topping and suckering are cultural practices that have being done in tobacco in order to get high yield and good quality product. Topping is very important to prevent seed formation while suckering involves the removal of side branches

SUBJECT: nicotiana tabacum; ecimage; multiplication des plantes; vastago; propagacion de plantas

POSTED TO: Research and Training Newsletter (Tanzania) [0856-3128]

SUBJECT: agricultural policies; traitement des donnees; politique economique; politica economica; science de l'information

POSTED TO: Research and Training Newsletter (Tanzania) [0856-3128]

SUBJECT: essential oil crops; prix; sistemas de cultivo; condicion de la planta; cropping systems

Candidate crop report: Essential oils

Rupert, W. et al. [nov1993]

SUBJECT: tanzania; produit vegetal transforme; cultivos comerciales; aceites esenciales; agriculture commerciale

SUBJECT: tanzania; income; benefice; less favoured areas; niveau de vie

Annato: a techno-economic profile

Coppen, J.J.W. et al. [1993]

SUBJECT: factores de produccion; bixa orellana; agricultural economics; economia de la produccion; production economics

SUBJECT: ecussonnage; investigacion; seedbeds; grafting; planting stock