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SUBJECT: razas animales; chien de berger; capacitacion; perro; breeds animals

SUBJECT: production animale; llama; llamas; produccion animal; lama

POSTED TO: A Storey animal handbook (USA).

SUBJECT: investigacion; germoplasma; germplasm; recherche; insecta

Red fox: the catlike canine.

Henry J. David [1996]

SUBJECT: zorro; renard; behaviour; comportamiento; foxes

POSTED TO: A Smithsonian nature book (USA).

SUBJECT: nature conservation; espece en danger; especies en peligro de extincion; tigre; vida silvestre

SUBJECT: cerebro; nervous system; rat; sistema nervioso; encephale

SUBJECT: tanzania; geologie; estratigrafia; geologia; paleontologie

POSTED TO: Topics in geobiology (USA). v. 14.

SUBJECT: new species; espece nouvelle; argentina; meloidae; argentine

POSTED TO: Journal of the Kansas Entomological Society [0022-8567]