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Uniformly 14C-labelled rice plants were grown up to maturity in a specially designed growth chamber. Chopped labelled straw (equivalent to 5 t/ha) was incorporated into the top soil of open cylinders set in the soils down to 45 cm. Each treatment was replicated 8 times. Soil cores were taken out at appropriate intervals and each year the entire soil done to 40 cm of 2 replicates was sampled. T ...

SUBJECT: sol tropical; materia organica; suelo tropical; matiere organique; marcacion con isotopos

POSTED TO: Philippine Journal of Crop Science (Philippines) [0115-463X]

African Crop Science Journal

Mpairwe, D.R. et al. [2002]

The study investigated the effect of intercropping cereals (maize, sorghum and wheat) with forage legumes (lablab and clover), planting methods and manure application on cereal grain and fodder dry matter yield and fodder nutritive value. Data collected over a period of three years, indicated that intercropping significantly (P<0.001) yielded more fodder (27%) but slightly depressed grain yiel ...

SUBJECT: cereals; yields; trifolium; farm yard manure; lablab

Journal Article

Journal article

Bogor Agricultural University

Cloning and Characterization of Partial Chlorophyll a Oxygenase (CAO) Gene Involved in Soybean Shade Tolerance Mechanism

Khumaida, Nurul; Department of Agronomy and Horticulture, Faculty of Agriculture et al. [2015-06-01]

Plant tolerance mechanism under shade stress is indicated by high chlorophyll-b content, which is synthesized from chlorophyll a by chlorophyll a-oxygenase (CAO) gene. The study was aimed to clone and characterize the partial of CAO gene involved in shade tolerance mechanism in soybean. Total RNA was isolated from the second trifoliate leaves of soybean plants and the first strand cDNA was pre ...

POSTED TO: Journal of Tropical Crop Science; Vol 2, No 2 (2015): Vol 2, No 2 (2015) [2356-0169]