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In the short-term field trials in the Perm Krai in 2015-2017 were aimed to research the influence of mineral fertilizers and straw on the yield capacity and some parameters of spring wheat. The trial design included: Factor A – fallow type: A1 – green-manure fallow; A2 – naked fallow; Factor B - method of fertilizer dose calculation; B1 – without fertilizers; B2 – currently applied dose of fer ...

SUBJECT: trigo de primavera; triticum aestivum; aplicacion de abonos; rendement des cultures; spring wheat

POSTED TO: Perm Agrarian Journal [2307-2873]

Journal Article

Journal article

Armenian State Agrarian University

Biochemical indices of blood test of cat and dogs in case of Pyometra

Davtyan, A., Perm State Agricultureal Academy et al. [2009]

About 50 dogs and 50 cats with diagnosis of pyometra were subjected to laboratory, ultrasound, clinical and histological testing. Statistical data were processed by BioStat2008 software intended for medical and biological studies. Dysfunction of liver, RBC skeleton muscules and heart have been revealed. The question about early diagnoses of pyometra still remains open.

SUBJECT: perro; diagnostic precoce; gato; pyometre; pyometra

POSTED TO: Bulletin of State Agrarian University of Armenia [1829-0000]

The parameters of adaptive capacity and stability of a new for Preduralie grain culture — winter triticale, - were studied in comparison with winter rye and winter wheat. Experiments were conducted in 2012-2014 in Perm region. The soil of an experimental site was cultivated sod-podzolic heavy loam one. Black fallow was the predecessor. Rates of mineral fertilizers (without fertilizers, P60K60 ...

SUBJECT: productividad; genotipos; grain crops; cultivos de invierno; productivity

POSTED TO: Agrarian Science [0869-8155]

The effectiveness of different crossing variants and compatibility test of industrial swine production breeds for obtaining the highly productive animals with excellent fattening and meat qualities were studied at one of large pig breeding farms of the Perm Krai. 3 groups of sows with 20 heads per each were formed for investigation. Control group was represented by purebred Large White swine, ...

SUBJECT: porcin; genotypes; genotipos; aptitude pour la viande; russian federation

POSTED TO: Perm Agrarian Journal [2307-2873]

Studied was the seed laboratory germination ability (LGA) and physical quality indicators of oats grain influenced by the agrotechnical factors (variety, preceding crop and seeding rate). Field experiments were conducted in 2008-2010 and 2013-2015 in the Perm Krai. Plots were established on sod-podzolic heavy-loamy mid-cultivated soils typical for the Middle Cis-Ural region. The fertility boni ...

SUBJECT: sowing rates; seed weight; chemicophysical properties; faculte germinative des semences; propiedades fisicoquimicas

POSTED TO: Perm Agrarian Journal [2307-2873]

Peculiarities of adaptation in cattle imported from Germany were studied in the Perm region in 2009-2013. Cattle were of Holstein-Friesian breed with 4-6 month pregnancy. After import animals were kept in the conditions of a livestock complex according to free box technology. High relative humidity of air (11.4% higher than normal) was noted in a cowshed and the air temperature was lower than ...

SUBJECT: animal welfare; bien-etre animal; bienestar animal; cattle; estres oxidativo

POSTED TO: Perm Agrarian Journal [2307-2873]

Influence of different agrotechniques on grain seeds laboratory germination was studied in Perm region in 2008-2010 and 2012-2015. Field experiments were laid on typical for Cis-Ural region sod-podzolic heavy loamy middle-cultivated soils. Fertility bonitet of their tilth top layer varied from 50 to 66 points. Hydrothermic coefficient (HTC) varied from 1.0 to 2.4. Laboratory germination of see ...

SUBJECT: sowing rates; faculte germinative des semences; seed germinability; russian federation; federation de russie

POSTED TO: Perm Agrarian Journal [2307-2873]

The purpose of research was to study contamination of meat and meat products of poultry farming with Salmonella and Proteus spp. Investigation was carried out in Perm during the period from January to July 2015. The strains of Proteus vulgaris, P. mirabilis, P. morganii, P. rettgeri, S. enteritidis, S. infantis allocated from chicken meat and chicken semi-finished products (98 samples in total ...

SUBJECT: medio de cultivo; food contamination; viande de volaille; proteus; russian federation

POSTED TO: Perm Agrarian Journal [2307-2873]

The research was conducted on the cows of black and motley breed (2 groups, 15animals in each) in one of the farms of Perm region. Lactating cows of control group were fed concentrates, consisting of 4.3 kg of crushed grain mixture (barley, wheat, oats), in addition to main ration (cereal herb hay 9 kg, galega haylage 9 kg), and cows of experiment group – 6 kg of hydrolyzed grain mixture (equi ...

SUBJECT: cows; digestibilite; russian federation; traitement d'aliments pour animaux; federation de russie

POSTED TO: Perm Agrarian Journal [2307-2873]

The purpose of scientific research was development of the accelerated method of Salmonella spp. indication in foodstuff. Laboratory research was carried out in Perm region in 2014 – 2015. Strains of salmonellas (S. typhimurium, S. enteritidis, S. gallinarum-pullorum, S. dublin, S. choleraesuis, S. infantis, S. hamburg, S. virchow), and other pathogenic microorganisms (Shigella flexneri, Escher ...

SUBJECT: medio de cultivo; food contamination; foods; produit alimentaire; russian federation

POSTED TO: Perm Agrarian Journal [2307-2873]