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Baseline gut microbiota and metabolome predict durable immunogenicity to SARS-CoV-2 vaccines


Ye Peng | Lin Zhang | Chris K. P. Mok | Jessica Y. L. Ching | Shilin Zhao | Matthew K. L. Wong | Jie Zhu | Chunke Chen | Shilan Wang | Shuai Yan | Biyan Qin | Yingzhi Liu | Xi Zhang | Chun Pun Cheung | Pui Kuan Cheong | Ka Long Ip | Adrian C. H. Fung | Kenneth K. Y. Wong | David S. C. Hui | Francis K. L. Chan | Siew C. Ng | Hein M. Tun

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Signal Transduction and Targeted Therapy
Volume 8 Issue 1 Pagination 1 - 11 ISSN 2059-3635
Nature Publishing Group

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