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Microbial diversity and their extracellular enzyme activities among different soil particle sizes in mossy biocrust under N limitation in the southeastern Tengger Desert, China


Xiaomin Duan | Xiaomin Duan | Xiaomin Duan | Jiajia Li | Jiajia Li | Jiajia Li | Wangping He | Jingjing Huang | Wanxiang Xiong | Shijia Chi | Siyuan Luo | Jianli Liu | Jianli Liu | Jianli Liu | Xiu Zhang | Xiu Zhang | Jingyu Li | Jingyu Li | Jingyu Li

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Frontiers in Microbiology
Volume 15 ISSN 1664-302X
Frontiers Media S.A.
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Extracellular enzyme activities; N limitation; Rhizoid soil; Mossy biocrust; Bacterial diversity; Fungal diversity

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