AGRIS - International System for Agricultural Science and Technology

Theoretical and practical handbook for the breeding of domestic animals, rabbits, cows, sheep, goats, swine, female donkeys and dogs, in relation to the origin of their breeds, the goodness of their meats, the storage of their products, agricultural benefits, marketing, and methods for curing their diseases | Manual teorico practico para la cria lucrativa de los animales de corral, conejos, vacas, ovejas y carneros, cabras, cerdos, burras y perros en cuanto tiene relacion con las razas originarias, bondad de sus carnes, modo de conservar sus productos, beneficios que reportan a la agricultura, utilidades que rinden y recetas para curar sus enfermedades

D. F. B. y B. | B y B. D. F.

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128 p. illus.
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Spanish; Castilian

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