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Homolytic cleavage of the O–Cu(ii) bond: XAFS and EPR spectroscopy evidence for one electron reduction of Cu(ii) to Cu(i)


YiAiwen Lei conceived the project. Hong Yi, Guanghui Zhang and Yi Deng performed the EXAFS experiments, analyzed the data, and discussed the results. Hong Yi and Jie Xin performed the EPR and IR experiments. Jeffrey T. Miller, Arthur J. Kropf, Emilio E. Bunel and Jyh-Fu Lee helped to analyse the XAFS data and improve the quality of the communication. Xiaotian Qi and Yu Lan performed the DFT calculations in this article. Hong Yi, Guanghui Zhang and Aiwen Lei wrote the communication. Hong Yi and Guanghui Zhang wrote the ESI and contributed other related materials. Hong Yi and Guanghui Zhang contributed equally to this work.Hong Yi and Guanghui Zhang contributed equally., Hong | Zhang, Guanghui | Xin, Jie | Deng, Yi | Miller, Jeffrey T. | Kropf, Arthur J. | Bunel, Emilio E. | Qi, Xiaotian | Lan, Yu | Lee, Jyh-Fu | Lei, Aiwen

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Chemical communications
Volume 52 Issue 42 ISSN 1364-548X
The Royal Society of Chemistry
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Homolytic cleavage; Electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy

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