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Influence de la forme et de la dose d'azote de la fumure minerale sur la production de fruits de plusieurs plantes maraicheres suivant les tenures de l'air en dioxyde de carbone | Influence of the form and amount of the nitrogen in mineral fertilizing on fruit production in several market garden plants in carbon dioxide enriched air


Milhet, Y. | Costes, C.

Bibliographic information
ACTES = proceedings ; Montpellier, 2-8 Sept. 1984
Montpellier, France : Martin-Prevel, AIONP/GERDAT, 1984.
Other Subjects
Plant physiology and biochemistry; Soil cultivation and cropping systems
English, French
Paper presented at the 6th international colloquium for the optimization of plant nutrition, montpellier, september 2-8, 1984.
Includes references.
Summary in English.
Monographic; Text

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