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Suspended and dissolved solids effects on freshwater biota


Sorensen, Darwin L. | McCarthy, Margaret Mary | Middlebrooks, E. Joe | Porcella, D. B.

Bibliographic information
Suspended and dissolved solids effects on freshwater biota
Research reporting series
Document (Susitna Hydroelectric Project)
Corvallis Environmental Research Laboratory, Office of Research and Development, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, For sale by the National Technical Information Service
Other Subjects
Sedimentation and deposition; Biotic communities; United states; Soluble
by Darwin L. Sorenson, Margaret M. McCarthy, E. Joe Middlebrooks and Donald B. Porcella.
Includes bibliographical references (pages 50-64).
Available also in electronic format on the Internet.
Performed by Utah State University Foundation and the Utah Water Research Laboratory, College of Engineering, Utah State University, Logan under contract CC6991630-J
Sub Title
a review
Government Publication; Text; Monographic; Bibliography
Corporate Author
Utah Water Research Laboratory.
Corvallis Environmental Research Laboratory.
Utah State University. Foundation.
United States. Environmental Protection Agency.
HARZA-EBASCO Susitna Joint Venture

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