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Erythrocyte plasma membrane perturbations in rats fed a cholesterol-rich diet: effect of drinking sulphurous mineral water


Nasuti, C. | Gabbianelli, R. | Cantalamessa, F. | Falcioni, G.

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Annals of nutrition & metabolism
Volume 49 Issue 1 Pagination 9 - 15 ISSN 0250-6807
American Veterinary Medical Association
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Analogs & derivatives; Diphenylhexatriene; Administration & dosage; Sulfide minerals; Random allocation; Membrane fluidity; Cholesterol metabolism; Physiology of human nutrition; Fat intake; Mineral water; Cholesteremic effect; Erythrocyte membrane; Inbred strains; Drinking; Tissue repair; Laurates; Membrane potential; Fluorescence polarization; Male; Diet and diet-related diseases; Dietary; Hypercholesterolemia; Human medicine; And safety; Magnesium sulfate; 2-naphthylamine; Fluorescent dyes; Drug effects; Plasma membrane; High fat diet
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