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Molecular identification and differential expression of sensory neuron membrane proteins in the antennae of the black cutworm moth Agrotis ipsilon


Gu, Shao-Hua | Yang, Ruo-Nan | Guo, Meng-Bo | Wang, Gui-Rong | Wu, Kong-Ming | Guo, Yu-Yuan | Zhou, Jing-Jiang | Zhang, Yong-Jun

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Journal of insect physiology
Volume 59 Issue 4 Pagination 430 - 443 ISSN 0022-1910
Elsevier Ltd
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Olfactory perception; Sensory neuron membrane protein; Transmembrane proteins; Insect proteins; Odor compounds; Molecular; Quantitative real-time pcr; Molecular sequence data; Female; Sensory receptor cells; Membrane proteins; Amino acid sequence; Molecular identification; Male; Complementary; Organ specificity; Sensilla; In situ hybridization; Dendrites; Real-time polymerase chain reaction; Sensory neurons; Reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction; Messenger; Arthropod antennae; Sensilla
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