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A stress-associated protein, LmSAP, from the halophyte Lobularia maritima provides tolerance to heavy metals in tobacco through increased ROS scavenging and metal detoxification processes


Saad, Rania Ben | Hsouna, Anis Ben | Saibi, Walid | Hamed, Karim Ben | Brini, Faical | Ghneim-Herrera, Thaura

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Journal of plant physiology
Volume 231 Pagination 234 - 243 ISSN 0176-1617
Elsevier GmbH
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Gene overexpression; Cax4; Zat6; Tba; Met1; Zif1; Lmsap gene; Art1; Cu transport; Mtp3; H2o2; Pub; Ros; Survival rate; Hma; Pod; Dhar; Transcription (genetics); Gpx; Cytosol; Metal accumulation; Gr; Gp; Nbt; Rar1; Lobularia maritima; Heavy metal tolerance; Met5; Metal tolerance; Mdhar; Zat11; Met3; Mtf-1; Sem; Vit2; Met4; Apx; Met2; Gsh1
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