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Diphtheric aspergillosis tracheitis with gastrointestinal dissemination secondary to viral infections in a dairy calf


Headley, Selwyn Arlington | Müller, Melissa Cristina | de Oliveira, Thalita Evani Silva | Barros Gil Duarte, Caroline Ambiel | Valente Pereira, Priscilla Fajardo | Vieira, Marcos Vinícius | Cunha, Cristina Wetzel | Flores, Eduardo Furtado | Lisbôa, Júlio Augusto Naylor | Pretto-Giordano, Lucienne Garcia

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Microbial pathogenesis
Volume 149 Pagination 104497 ISSN 0882-4010
Elsevier Ltd
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Bovine respiratory disease; Immunocompromised population; Concomitant infections; Malignant catarrhal fever; Lesions (animal); Ovine gammaherpesvirus 2; Fungal culture; Trachea (vertebrates); Diagnostic immunohistochemistry; Bovine alphaherpesvirus 1; Mixed infection; Bovine viral diarrhea virus 1; Comparative pathology; Dairy calves; Alcelaphine gammaherpesvirus 1; Disseminated aspergillosis
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