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A member of the phylogenetically conserved CAD family of transcriptional regulators is dramatically up-regulated during the programmed cell death of skeletal muscle in the tobacco hawkmoth Manduca sexta


Sun, D. | Sathyanarayana, U.G. | Johnston, S.A. | Schwartz, L.M.

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Developmental biology
Volume 173 Issue 2 Pagination 499 - 509 ISSN 0012-1606
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Lim domain proteins; Skeletal; Fungal proteins; Insect proteins; Skeletal muscle; Regulators; Molecular; Sequence homology; Amino acid; Molecular sequence data; Developmental; Saccharomyces cerevisiae proteins; Repressor proteins; Transcription (genetics); Adenosine triphosphatases; Nucleotide sequences; Amino acid sequence; Up-regulation; Genetic complementation test; Base sequence; Nuclear proteins; Organ specificity; Insect; Proteasome endopeptidase complex; Adaptor proteins; Signal transducing; Messenger
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