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Cold- and salinity stress-induced bipolar pea DNA helicase 47 is involved in protein synthesis and stimulated by phosphorylation with protein kinase C


Vashisht, A.A. | Pradhan, A. | Tuteja, R. | Tuteja, N.

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Plant journal
Volume 44 Issue 1 Pagination 76 - 87 ISSN 0960-7412
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Protein kinases; Protein kinase c; Plant breeding and genetics; Gene induction; Cold temperature; Dna helicases; Molecular sequence data; Osmolar concentration; Plant biochemistry; Nucleotide sequences; Plant proteins; Rna helicases; Molecular sequence data; Enzyme induction; Plant physiology and biochemistry; Drug effects; Adenosinetriphosphatase; Dna helicases; Protein phosphorylation; Plant proteins
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