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Effects of Acremonium terricola culture on performance, milk composition, rumen fermentation and immune functions in dairy cows


Li, Yang | Sun, Yu-Kun | Li, Xin | Zhang, Guang-Ning | Xin, Hang-Shu | Xu, Hong-Jian | Zhang, Li-Yang | Li, Xiao-Xiang | Zhang, Yong-Gen

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Animal feed science and technology
ISSN 0377-8401
Elsevier Ltd
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Holstein; 3-hydroxybutyric acid; Dairy cow; T-aoc; Bun; Antioxidant activity; Cp; Atc; Nfe; Alb; Bw; Nh3-n; Bhba; Feed conversion; Il-4; Glb; Interleukin-1; Interleukin-6; Tg; Cf; Glm; Antioxidant and immune functions; Il-1; Neutral detergent fiber; Vfa; Performance; Fatty acid composition; Fibrobacter succinogenes; Gsh-px; Milk fat percentage; Ee; Nefa; Tnf-α; Il-6; Tumor necrosis factor-alpha; Igm; Igg; Acid detergent fiber; Dmi; Rumen fermentation and microbiota; Dm; Indf; Glu; T-sod; Aspartate transaminase; Ros; Scc; Alt; Chol.; Acremonium terricola culture; Il-2; Immunoglobulin a; Dim
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