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A comprehensive system review of pharmacological effects and relative mechanisms of Ginsenoside Re: Recent advances and future perspectives


Cai, Jiasong | Huang, Kunlong | Han, Shengnan | Chen, Ruichan | Li, Zhijun | Chen, Yan | Chen, Bing | Li, Shaoguang | Xinhua, Lin | Yao, Hong

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ISSN 0944-7113
Elsevier Ltd
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Mechanisms; Ginsenoside re; Cox2; Huvec; Ap2; C48/80; Gb; Sjztc; Ly294002; Cyp8b1; No; Pi3k; Pgn; Lps; Ampk; Skca; Uv; Shp; Go; Vegf; Cddp; Tg; Targets; Nrf2; Sfi; Tem; Er; Prommp-2; Yqfm; Endothelial cells; Therapeutics; Adipoq; Kegg; Tmt; Mi; Reg; Irs1; Inos; Tlr4; Glut4; Cgmp; Ppar-γ; Bcl-2; Enos; Ang ii; Crs; Mrp; Srebp-1c; Icc; Neoplasm cells; Ho-1; Psd95; Tnf-α; Il-6; Rv; Aild; Alp; Panax notoginseng; Network pharmacology; Antidepressants; Ppa1; Ht; Bax; Egb; Syp; Nsc; Dr; Mmc; Ask1; Hfd; Mlck; Nf-κb; 4-hne; Runx2; Slbzs; Hif-1; Col1a1; Ocn; Rankl; Ma; Trap; Pharmacological effects; Ros; Bdnf; Nlrp3; Vsmc; Kca; Hcaec; Recd4t; Il-1β; Oih; Ogd; Pcna
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