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Mathematical modeling of the formation of composite hardening boride coverings of triple system Fe-B-FenB for agricultural machinery parts | Математическое моделирование процесса получения композиционных упрочняющих боридных покрытий тройной системы Fe-B-FenB для рабочих органов сельхозмашин


Chernoivanov, V.I. | Solov'ev, S.A. | Aulov, V.F., All-Russia Research and Development and Technology Inst. of Machine and Tractor Fleet Operation and Repair, Moscow (Russian Federation) | Ishkov, A.V. | Krivochurov, N.T. | Ivanajskij, V.V. | Sokolov, A.V. | Golovenko, A.Yu. | Zagorodnov, K.E., Altai State Agrarian Univ., Barnaul (Russian Federation)

Bibliographic information
Bulletin of Altai State Agrarian University
Issue 2124 ISSN 1996-4277
p. 92-100
Other Subjects
Materiel agricole; Revestimiento de proteccion; Element de materiel; Modele mathematique; Modelos matematicos; Federacion de rusia; Federation de russie; Equipo de la explotacion agraria

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