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Informacion agricola, superficie, produccion de granos basicos por ciclo de cosecha y region, tenencia, uso o aprovechamiento de la tierra [Zea mays, Phaseolus vulgaris, Oryza sativa, Sorghum vulgare, Honduras].


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Spanish; Castilian
Numerical data AVAILABILITY: Centro Documentacion, Secretaria Recursos Naturales, Tegucigalpa (Honduras).
Translated Title
English. [Agricultural information, ground surface, basic grain production by harvest cycle and region, tenure, land use or exploitation [Zea mays, Phaseolus vulgaris, Oryza sativa, Sorghum vulgare, Honduras]]. [Spanish]
Journal Article; Numerical Data; Non Conventional
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Secretaria de Recursos Naturales, Tegucigalpa (Honduras). Direccion de Planificacion Sectorial. Dept. de Informacion y Estadistica.

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