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Respuesta de maiz a la fertilizacion con nitrogeno y fosforo en Baru, Panama, 1991.


Carranza L. | Jaramillo S. | Moreno M.

Bibliographic information
Notas de Investigacion en Progreso - Instituto de Investigacion Agropecuaria de Panama (Panama). v. 9(17).
ISSN 0257-7127
Other Subjects
Engrais azote; Aplicacion de abonos; Reponse de la plante; Engrais phosphate
Spanish; Castilian
AVAILABILITY: DIAP, CIDAGRO, Ap. 6-4391, El Dorado, Panama 6A - Panama
Translated Title
English. [Maize response to fertilization with nitrogen and phosphorus in Baru, Panama, 1991]. [Spanish]
Journal Article; Non Conventional
Corporate Author
Instituto de Investigacion Agropecuaria de Panama, Panama (Panama).

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