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Evaluacion de la incidencia y severidad de sigatoka negra (Mycosphaerella fijensis var difformis) en la primera generacion de tres cultivares de platano y uno de banano en Santa Clara de San Carlos. Practica de Especialidad.


Venegas Porras J.A.

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Other Subjects
Variete; Resistance aux maladies; Amelioration des plantes
Spanish; Castilian
Numerical data; 18 ref. Summary (Es) AVAILABILITY: Biblioteca, Sede Santa Clara, Instituto Tecnologico de Costa Rica, San Carlos (Costa Rica).
Translated Title
English. [Evaluation of the incidency and severity of black sigatoka (Mycosphaerella fijensis var difformis) in the first generation of three plantains and of one banana cultivars in Santa Clara of San Carlos]. [Specialized paper]. [Spanish]
Journal Article; Numerical Data; Summary; Non Conventional
Corporate Author
Instituto Tecnologico de Costa Rica, San Carlos (Costa Rica). Dept. de Agronomia.

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