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Proizvodnja i agrarna politika [proizvodnja, promet, cene, dohodak, trzisni mehanizmi]. Jugoslavija, zemlje Evrope, SAD i Kanada.


Markovic P. | Bukorovic J. | Svrkota B.

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Politica de comercio exterior; Commerce interieur; Estados unidos de america; Produccion; Formacion de precios; Etats unis
139 tables; 30 ref.
Translated Title
English. [Production and agrarian politics [production, traffic, prices, income, market mechanisms]]. Yugoslavia, countries of Europa, USA and Canada. [Serbo-croat]
Journal Article; Numerical Data; Bibliography
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Eidg. Forschungsanstalt fuer Betriebswirtschaft und Landtechnik, Taenikon (Switzerland).

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