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Influence de differentes formes et doses d' azote sur l' activite des bacteries nitreuses et nitriques ainsi que sur l' evolution de l' azote ammoniacal/nitrique et du phosphore dans le sol au cours d' une periode culturale.


Vugayabagabo A.

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Metabolismo del nitrogeno; Quimica del suelo; Metabolisme de l' azote; Aplicacion de abonos; Engrais azote
Memoire (Ingenieur Agronome). 57 bibl. 10 fig. 26 tabl. AVAILABILITY: CNDA, BP 621, Kigali - Rwanda
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English. [Influence of different forms and doses of nitrogen on the activities of nitrous and nitric bacteria as well as on the evolution of the ammoniacal/nitric nitrogen and of the phosphorus in the soil during an agricultural period]. [French]
Journal Article; Thesis Or Dissertation; Non Conventional

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