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Wplyw wielotniego oddzialywania emisji przemyslowych na flore porostow zagrozonych obszarow lesnych wojewodztwa szczecinskiego.


Marska B.

Bibliographic information
Rozprawy. Akademia Rolnicza w Szczecinie (Poland). no. 117.
ISSN 0239-6467
Other Subjects
Resistance aux facteurs nuisibles; Analisis biologico; Liquenes; Contaminacion del aire; Foret melangee; Espece en danger; Bosque de coniferas; Impact sur l' environnement; Espece; Foret resineuse; Especies en peligro de extincion; Resistencia a agentes daninos; Bosque mixto; Pollution atmospherique; Distribucion natural
Dissertation (Dr hab.). 12 tables, 58 fig.(mainly maps); 105 ref. Summaries (De, Ru). AVAILABILITY: Centralna Biblioteka Rolnicza, POB 360, 00-950 Warszawa 40 - Poland
Translated Title
English. [Influence of long-term action of industrial emission on the flora of lichens of threatened forest areas of the Szczecin province]. [Polish]
Journal Article; Thesis Or Dissertation; Bibliography; Maps Included; Summary; Non Conventional

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