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Efecto de fuentes y dosis de fosforo en la produccion del sistema maiz y frijol (Phaseolus vulgaris) bajo dos metodos de labranza [Zea mays].


Crissien Escordia J.

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Spanish; Castilian
Tesis (Mag Sc). 90 ref.; Summaries (En, Es). AVAILABILITY: Centro Nacional de Informacion Agropecuaria, SEPSA, Ap. 10094, San Jose - Costa Rica
Translated Title
English. [Effect of sources and dosis of phosphorus on the production of maize [Zea mays] and bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) crop system with two methods of tillage]. [Spanish]
Journal Article; Thesis Or Dissertation; Bibliography; Summary; Non Conventional
Corporate Author
Programa Conjunto Univ. de Costa Rica/Centro Agronomico Tropical de Investigacion y Ensenanza, Turrialba (Costa Rica).

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