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Requerimentos de riego y fertilizacion con nitrogeno para melon [Cucumis melo L.] en la Estacion Experimental Agricola Fabio Baudrit M. [Costa Rica].


Hernandez L R. L. | Chaves F C.A.

Bibliographic information
Boletin Tecnico - Estacion Experimental Agricola Fabio Baudrit M. (Costa Rica). v. 12(7).
Spanish; Castilian
Numerical data; 15 ref. Summary (Es). AVAILABILITY: Centro Nacional de Informacion Agropecuaria, SEPSA, Ap. 10094, San Jose - Costa Rica
Translated Title
English. [Irrigation and nitrogen fertilizer requirements for melons (Cucumis melo L.) at the Fabio Baudrit Agricultural Experiment Station [Costa Rica]]. [Spanish]
Journal Article; Numerical Data; Summary; Non Conventional
Corporate Author
Universidad de Costa Rica, Alajuela. Estacion Experimental Agricola Fabio Baudrit M.

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