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Determinacion de factores relevantes del estado nutricional en ninos menores en Utcurarca, departamento de San Martin.


Bernui Leo I.I.

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Nutricion humana; Perou; Alimentacion del nino; Alimentation de l' enfant; Alimentacion infantil
Spanish; Castilian
Tesis (Mag Sc). Ilus. dat. num. 91 ref. Sumario (Es). Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina - Biblioteca Agricola Nacional Casilla Postal 14-0297 Lima - Peru. AVAILABILITY: Biblioteca Agricola Nacional, U.N.A., Ap. 14-0297, La Molina, Lima - Peru
Translated Title
English. [Determination of relevant factors of the nutritional state in smaller children in Utcurarca, department of San Martin]. [Spanish]
Journal Article; Numerical Data; Thesis Or Dissertation; Bibliography; Summary; Non Conventional

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