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Farma mleczna bezpieczna dla srodowiska naturalnego.


Chazanov E. | Vtoryj V.

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Produccion animal; Federation de russie; Gestion de l' exploitation agricole; Vache laitiere; Conduite d' elevage; Impact sur l' environnement; Pollution par l' agriculture; Federacion de rusia; Polucion por la agricultura
2 ref. Summaries (En, Pl). AVAILABILITY: Centralna Biblioteka Rolnicza, POB 360, 00950 Warszawa 40 - Poland. E-mail:
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English. Large dairy farm friendly to natural environment.
Journal Article; Conference; Summary; Non Conventional
3. International Symposium: Mechanization of Fertilizing, Plant Protection and Soil Cultivation in Ecological Aspects. Warszawa (Poland). 25 Sep 1996.

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