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Situacion energetica de la Costa Atlantica, 14. Resumen, conclusiones y recomendaciones.


Brugman Miramon A. | Delgado Riveira J.R. | Acosta Garcia A. | Rodriguez M H. | Forero Gonzalez J. | Devia M J.R.

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Other Subjects
Fuente de energia; Energie eolienne; Petroleo; Petrole; Source d' energie; Energie solaire
Spanish; Castilian
Ilus. Dat. num. (Doc. 8415/v.14) AVAILABILITY: Biblioteca agricola, CORPOICA, A.A. 240142, Las Palmas, Parque Central Bavaria, Santa Fe de bogota D.C. - Colombia
Translated Title
English. [Energy situation of the Atlantic Coast, 14. Summary, conclusions and recommendations]. [Spanish]
Journal Article; Numerical Data; Non Conventional
Corporate Author
Ministere de la Cooperation, Paris (France).

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