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Compte rendu des recherches. Annees 1981 et 1982.

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Compte Rendu des Recherches - Station Laitiere Gembloux (Belgium).
Other Subjects
Produccion lechera; Secteur aval de l' agriculture; Recipient de stockage; Fabricacion de la mantequilla; Production laitiere; Post agricultural sector; Technologie beurriere; Stockage a la ferme; Almacenamiento en frigorificos
Received in 1984; AVAILABILITY: AIBA-SEARCA, College, Laguna 3720 - Philippines
Translated Title
English. [Research report 1981 and 1982 [milk production, analysis of the collected milk, butter making, fermented milk, quality control, in Belgium]]. [French]
Journal Article; Non Conventional
Corporate Author
Centre de Recherches Agronomiques de l' Etat, Gembloux (Belgium). Station Laitiere.

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