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Regulirovanie raspredeleniya vlagi i solej na pochvakh pri melioratsii oroshaemykh solontsovykh kompleksov.


Kalinichenko V.P. | Minkin M.B.

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Quimica del suelo; Recuperation des sols; Rsfrs en europa; Rsfsr in europe; Mouvement de l' eau dans le sol; Sol irrigue; Rehabilitacion; Rsfsr d' europe
11 ref. AVAILABILITY: VNIIITEISKH, Orlikov Pereulok 3, Korpus A, 107139 Moskva - USSR
Translated Title
English. [Control of the distribution of moisture and salts in soils under the reclamation of irrigated alkali complexes]. [Russian]
Journal Article; Non Conventional
Corporate Author
Guangdong Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Guangzhou (China). Research Group of Techniques for Soil Conservation, Culture and Utilization in Mountain Areas of Upper Reaches of Hanjiang River.

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