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Understanding and utilization of thematic mapper and other remotely sensed data for vegetation monitoring: final report.


Crist E.P.

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Teledeteccion; Teledetection; Releve des donnees; Vegetacion; Traitement des donnees
ill. bibliographical ref. "This report describes results of research performed in support of the Earth Sciences and Applications Division, NASA Johnson Space Center. Section 6.0 describes the activities carried out wholly or in part under the auspices of the AgRISTARS program.". "Infrared and Optics Division.". "November 1983.". "160300-76-F.". Contract no. NAS9-165338"--P. i. AVAILABILITY: US (DNAL S494.5.R4U53).
Journal Article; Bibliography; Maps Included
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Environmental Research Institute of Michigan (USA). Infrared and Optics Division. Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center (USA). Earth Sciences and Applications Division. AgRISTARS Program (USA).

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