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Estacionalidad de la produccion y precios de naranja Valencia, limon Mexicano y limon persa en la Central de Abastos del D.F.


Garcilazo Rojas Hilda

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Distrito federal mexico; Mexico district federal; Variacion estacional; Federal district mexico; Variation saisonniere
Spanish; Castilian
Tesis (Lic. en Economia). AVAILABILITY: Biblioteca Central, UACH. Chapingo, Mex. 56230. (Mexico).
Translated Title
English. [Season production and price for Valencia orange, Mexican lemon and persa lemon in the central market of the Federal District, Mexico]. [Spanish]
Journal Article; Thesis Or Dissertation; Non Conventional
Corporate Author
Universidad Autonoma Chapingo, Chapingo, Mex. (Mexico). Departamento de Economia Agricola.

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