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Respuesta de los cultivos de papa, maiz y frejol a la aplicacion de abonos organicos e inorganicos y su efecto sobre las propiedades del suelo.


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Informe Anual Tecnico - INIAP (Ecuador). 1993.
Other Subjects
Engrais mineral; Abonos inorganicos; Rotacion de cultivos; Abonos organicos; Residu; Aplicacion de abonos; Frijol phaseolus; Equateur
Spanish; Castilian
AVAILABILITY: INIAP. Dept. de Planificacion, Apartado 17-17-1362, Quito (Ecuador).
Translated Title
English. [Response of the potatoes, maize and beans to the application of organic and inorganic fertilizers and their effect on the properties of the soil]. [Spanish]
Journal Article; Non Conventional

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